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Gas – Oil Company Collectibles, Inc. since 1975

We are the largest buyer and seller of original gas pump globes in the world.

Oil Company Collectibles, offers original gas pump globes from very common to extremely rare. We also buy and sell original signs, gas pumps and other collectibles. Call us at 440-213-8934 from 9-6 EST or email me at Operated by Scott Benjamin, a gas globe collector himself since 1974, Scott has co-authored 20 books relating to the gas and oil hobby and co-publishes with his partner, Wayne Henderson, Wayne Henderson, Petroleum Collectibles Monthly, a magazine dedicated to gas and oil collectibles, now in its 28th year! Check out our new 2020 Gas Pump Globe eBook with nearly 7,000 gas globes with photos, prices and company histories! Call or email us for information or visit our magazine bookshop, to order your copy today. Any questions are welcomed call me at 440-213-8934 from 9-6 EST or email

You’ll find our prices competitive. Most of our customers are repeat buyers. That is why we’ve been in business for so many years.

We Buy One Piece or Entire Collections!

Oil Company Collectibles is always interested in buying gas pump globes, single lenses or entire collections, common or rare, as well as quality petroleum signage. Please contact us on any gas globes, signs or gas pumps you have for sale. Finders fees are available Expert appraisals are available for general insurance coverage, claims or peace of mind.

Selling? Consider Consignments!

Oil Company Collectibles will buy any gas globes, common or rare, gas pumps, signs, cans and other non gas and oil items. We just sold a Coca Cola Tray Collection! But also consider consignments. We are selling a lot of consigned items these days. We can sell any of your items, gas globes, signs, gas pumps, non gas or whatever on this well visited site for a 15% commission. I sell 90 plus % of all consignments very quickly! Why consignments? Unlike an auction we can control the price you would like to get for your item. We have hundreds of buyers waiting for good pieces to arrive and they want your gas globes, signs, etc. You don’t have to wait until the next auction date and payment is right away. All you have to do is just send us a good photo. I’ll get it on the site right away and as soon as it sells in your agreed upon price range you’ll get paid. Call Scott for details at 440-213-8934 from 9-6 EST

We keep an extensive “wants list” for our customers and contact you when we find the items you are looking for. Also call us with any wanted globes or signs at 440-213-8934 from 9-6 EST and check out our site daily as it changes several times a week! You can also email me anytime

Thanks for visiting Oil Company Collectibles and welcome to the world of gas and oil collectibles!

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