The new 2020 GAS GLOBE EBOOK IS OUT!!! ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!!! See listings above….

Just posted a few globes for sale…

New gas globes get listed here but dozens more get listed on our Face Book Group Gas Pump Globes over 5,600 members!

Go to my Facebook Group-“Gas Pump Globes” we have over 5,600 members now! Collectors can openly buy, sell and trade in this group!!!

Many consignments come and go quickly so watch the site often.

Want to sell something? We buy hundreds of gas globes and other items every year but also consider CONSIGNMENTS!!! We can sell any of your items, gas globes, signs, gas pumps, whatever on this well visited site for a 15% commission. Why consignments? Unlike an auction we can control the price you would like to get for your item. We have hundreds of buyers waiting for good pieces to arrive and they want your gas globes, signs, etc. You don’t have to wait until the next auction date just send us a photo. I’ll get it on the site right away and as soon as it sells in your comfortable range you’ll get paid right away. IF YOUR ITEM DOES NOT SELL THERE ARE NO CHARGES!!! Call Scott at 440-213-8934 9-8 EST.

We added to the site a section on SOLD gas globes for pricing reference and other information. DUPLICATE SALES ARE NOT POSTED! I’ll be adding many of the globes we’ve sold with prices to help people price their items. Also we just added a section that covers articles and other information on gas pump globes which will cover all aspects of globes, rarity, variations, shipping, and much more. Several articles are now there! Many more to come!

See “For Sale” section for more signs, gas pumps and other items.