Keep in mind we buy lots of collections and offer finder fees!!! We need collections right now!!!
Looking for a good lower mileage 1992 Dodge Viper…
Gas pumps wanted any kind complete pumps like Wayne Gas Pumps, National Gas Pumps, Gilbert and Barker Gas Pumps, American Gas Pumps, Bowser Gas Pumps, Erie Gas Pumps, Tokheim Gas Pumps, Guaranteed Measure Gas Pumps, Pipe Organ Gas Pump, Visible Gas Pumps, and others.
Buying any good porcelain or early tin signs…Red Hat Signs, Clipper signs or gas globes, Hurricane Gas Globe or Hurricane Ethyl Gas Globe, Little Bear Gas Globe. Iowa Gas globe wanted any Iowa Gas globes…

Wanted any Royaline Gasoline globes metal frame or one piece etched, Royaline Hi Test, Royaline Benzol, ROC, Royaline Hi Test porcelain sign too. Looking for a metal frame gas globe that says R.R. Jones Gasoline-Winston Salem Gas Oils with an early steam train engine pictured. Tropical gas globe or Tropical Ethyl gas globe, Ashland Go Mix Marine, SPOCO Gas Globe, Sterling Gas Globe, Wolf’s Head or Wolverine Empire Gas Globes, Oil Creek Gas Globes, Bearcat or Bear Cat Gas Globes, Reliable Gas Globe with owl, Mileage Mart gas globe with owl, Colony globe with bees or Pep globe with bees, Wareco globes, Geauga Oil Company Magic Gas Globes, Breyer’s Ice Cream globe, Breyer’s Ice Cream globe with green glass, Breyer’s Ice Cream globe with green leaf or green ripple or green texture glass, Harmony Gas Globe with green glass or green texture glass or green ripple glass, Red Hat globes, Vortex gas globe, Hoosier Pete gas globes, Hoosier Pete Heater Oil Gas Globe, Shur Fire Gas Globe, Air Speed Gas globe, Gas Town Gas Globe, Geauga Oil Company Magic Gas globe, Tydol TWO Gas Globe, Tydol Ethyl Gas Globe, Empire Gas Penn Gas or any Oil City Pennsylvania Gas globe, Rotary Gas Globe, White Rose Enarco Gas globe, Imperial Diesel, Sohio globes, Sohio Heat, Sohio Marine, Hi-So Green, Sohio Pre-Mix Outboard Marine, Sohio Motor Oil globe, Sohio Ethyl Gasoline, Sohio Ethyl, Sohio Diesel, Vahey Products, Vahey Rid-O Nox, Vahey Oil or Vahey Products gas globes from Youngstown, Ohio gas globes, Kanotex Bondified, Kanotex Aviation, Kanotex or any ripples or crinkle textured glass green ripple, orange ripple, blue ripple, yellow ripple, white or clear ripple, red ripple, brown ripple root beer globe, or empty 15 inch metal frames, round larger Grizzly sign wanted, Ranger Gasoline, US Motors or American Gasoline globes from Iowa, Panhandle Noxless, Panhandle Octagne, any Panhandle Ethyl or any Panhandle gas globes, Gasoline, Visible Gasoline, Filtered Gasoline, Guaranteed Measure, Guaranteed Visible Pump, Texaco Gasoline Motor Oils, Hoosier Pete Heater Oil, Hoosier Pete Ethyl, Hoosier Pete Regular, Delco Benzol or Delco Gasoline gas globe, White Rose En-Ar-Co orange and white globes one piece or metal frame, Tydol with Airplane gas globe, Tydol Aviation or Tydol one piece gas globe, Rotary Anti-Knock gas globe, All Penn gas globe, White Rose globes, White Rose Gasoline globe, Speedway Gasoline, Speedway Gas and Oils Gas globe, Popular Regular, Popular Premium and Popular Competitive Gas Globes, Koolmotor Gasolene, Koolmotor Gasoline or Cities Service Oils Once Always gas globes, Cities Service Gas Globe, Crew Levick Cities Service Gas globe, Atlantic Gasoline, Atlantic Polarine Gasoline globe, Atlantic Rayolite Kerosene gas globe, Polar Gas Globe, Freedom gas globe, Freedom Ethyl gas globe, Freedom Motor gas globe, Adams Special Gas globe, Adams Gas globe, Red Head gas globe, High Speed globe one piece or metal from Refiners Oil company, Refiners Gasoline with race car, Pocahontas Blue Flash, Blue Flash Gyrol, Pocahontas Gasoline or any other globes from Pocahontas Oil company, Hy-Speed globe, Hi Speed Ethyl, Hi Speed Blue Flash, Hi Speed Deluxe Gasoline, Hi-Speed Blue Flash Gas, Hi-Speed Deluxe, Blue Flash Gas, Hi Speed Diesel, Hi Speed Aviation gas globe, Indian Products with Indian gas globe, any Hi-Speed globes Hiccock Oil company, Paragon Gasoline gas globe, Standard RED CROWNS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, Standard BLUE OR GREEN CROWNS, Standard Purple or Orange Crowns, Standard Torches or Standard Flames, any Caldwell and Taylor Original Benzol Gas globes or Caldwell and Taylor Original Benzol Gas signs, Benzol globes, Tresler Genuine Benzol globe, Roadrunner, any Eldred Gas globe, Eldred Hi Test gas globe, Crescent Gasoline, Factory Gasoline or Factory Oil Company gas globes or chimney cap gas globes, Atomic Gas, Atomic Power Ethyl, Atomic Power Regular, Atomic Power, Atomic Gas with bomb and parachute, Frisches Atomic Gasoline with Atomic bomb, Vickers gas globe, Vickers Hi ratio gas globe, Dixie Oils Power to Pass Keyhole any color globes, Valvoline Gas Globe, Ashland Outboard Marine Gas, Popular Gas Globe with pumps and cars, Empire Gas, Empire Ethyl, Wolverine Empire and Wolf’s Head gas globes, Magnet globe, Kanotex Aviation, Aerio 70 or Aerio Gas, any aviation, airplane or aircraft globe, any marine globes, Traffic Benzol gas globe, Traffic Red Hat gas globe, any small 11.25″ inch metal frame globes, Sinclair Special One Piece, Sinclair Benzol Gas Globe, Sinclair Sinco Essence, Sinclair Marine White gas globe, Sinclair Sinco Oils one piece chimney cap, Sinclair Aircraft, Sinclair Aviation, Sinclair Kerosene, Sinclair Farm Products, Sinclair Hi Test gas globe, Sinclair Winter Gasoline gas globe, Sinclair Hi Compression Gasoline globe or porcelain sign, Sinclair General Motors Product or Sinclair Ethyl General Motors Product Gas Globe, Sinclair Productos with rooster-Sinclair H-C Gasolina-Cuban or Mexican gas globes, Sinclair Power Oils one piece, Sinclair Oils, Sinclair Green Gasoline, Diesel Fuel gas globe one piece, ONE PIECE GLOBES, Paragon Peak of Quality, Bristolville Oil/Gas Eureka gas globes wanted, Gulf Dieselect Fuel, Gulf Diesel, Gulf Marine White, Hi Speed Gyro, Hi Speed Gyrol, Hi Speed Ethyl, Hi Speed Blue Flash, Hi Speed Ex Carbon, Hi Speed Pocahontas Oil Company, Penn Drake, Penn Drake Blue blood, Wolf’s Head, Petroleos Mexicanos Gas Globe with Mexican guy on it, Ford Benzol, Ford Benzol keyhole shaped gas globe, Ford Benzol Alternate Fuel gas globe, Traffic Gulf Gas Globe, GM Logo Gas Globe, General Motors Ethyl or General Motors gas globe, Peeroco Independent Gasoline, Peeroco Hi Test Gasoline, anything from Peerless or Peeroco Oil Company from Elyria Ohio, Coreco Gas, Oil Creek, Oil Creek Ethyl, Traffic Gas, Traffic Benzol, Traffic Red Hat Gasoline, Pennzip, Pennzoil, Indian Gasoline Aerolene, Gano or Gano Special gas globe, Harmony Gas with green frame, Indian Gasoline, Utol Diesel gas globe, Tydol/Flying A SHOEBOX GLOBES, brown, green, blue, orange ripple or any Gill Glass Ripples, Pennzoil, Michigan Maid, Canzol, Canfield Gasoline, Canfield Ethyl, Canfield, globes like Gilmore, Signal or Signal Products, Sunset, Caminol or Beacon, Rainbow, Rainbow Trues Oil Company, Empire or Penn Empire Gasoline, Oil City Gas, Lighthouse, Lighthouse Gas, Lighthouse Gasoline, Polly, Independent Gasoline metal frame, Oil Creek, Penn-Drake, Ford Benzol, Michigan Maid gas globe, Harmony gas globe, Ranger gas globe, Gulf No Nox, That Good Gulf, Gulf Fuel Oil, Gulf Kerosene, Gulf Marine, Gulf Marine White, D-X Marine, Independent, Pennzoil, Red Hat, any Smile Oil Company items or Smile Gas Globes, Smile Signs or Smile cans, Clark Exit and Entrance globes used as you pull into station-orange and black just say Exit…, Refiners Gasoline with race car, Refiners with airplane, Refiners Ethyl gas globe, Valvoline Gasoline, Vahey Rid-O-Nox, Bolene, Bolene Blue Seal Gasolene, Bolene Gasoline, Benzol gas globe, any Benzol gas globes, Ace High globes, Pittman Gasoline or any globe with a lighthouse or beacon on it, Beacon Caminol gas globe, Royaline Gasoline Gas Globe, Royaline Hi Test Gas Globe, Royaline Benzol Gas Globe, ROC Gas Globe, Mammoth Gas globe, Michigan Maid Gas Globe, Musgo Gas Globe, Michigan’s Mile Maker Musgo Gas Globe, Texaco Fire Chief fireman’s hat Gas Globe, Texaco Fire Hat or Texaco Fireman Hat gas globe, Texaco Ethyl Gas Globe, Texaco Aviation gas globe, Texaco Gasoline and Motor Oils gas globe, Texaco star shaped gas globe, Michigan Maid Gas globe with green ripple, Fleetwing Globes, Canfield or Canzol gas globes, Factory Gasoline globe, United Bronze, Unity Oil Company or Its a Gas globes, Coreco, Texaco Aviation, Tower Gasoline, Oh Boy What a Gas globe, Unity Oil Company, Ben Franklin, Ethyl Gas Globe, Dixie Power To Pass, any chimney cap one piece etched, Air globes, any Beer globe, Baltimore Beer globes and green frames, green glass, green glass beer globe, green glass ice cream globe, ripple texture green glass or globes, ice cream globes, Penn Ice Cream green glass frame with green ripples, jewel or cats eye globe frames, textured colored frames or any ice cream globes. We also buy old cigarette lighter dispensers that look like gas pumps, wanted Syrup Dispensers like Grape Julep, Orange Julep, Cherry Smash with yellow letters, Fowler’s Root Beer, Birchola Syrup Dispenser, Crawfords Jake-A-Loo Cherry Fizz syrup dispenser, Cherry Jake A Loo syrup or soda fountain dispensers, Reddy Chocolate Syrup dispenser or soda fountain dispenser, Cleveland Root Beer syrup or soda fountain dispenser, Birchola, Dixie Flip syrup or soda fountaindispenser, Fowlers Grape Julep syrup dispenser or soda fountain dispenser, or Fowlers Root Beer syrup or soda fountain dispenser, or any Fowlers syrup dispensers, Ironport Root Beer syrup dispenser, Grape Fruitola syrup dispenser, Liberty syrup dispenser, Cleveland Buckeye Root Beer syrup dispenser, Cherry Smash, 5 Cents…, Orange Crush, Lemon Crush, Lime Crush, Jim Dandy Syrup dispenser, Orange Julep syrup dispenser, etc. Baltimore Beer Globes, Aro Beer Globes, Any Beer Globe. Also wanting a San Francisco Wiley Birdcage Traffic Signal.
And we are always looking to buy gas globe collections, small groups or just one gas globe or sign. We offer consignment selling too. We offer finder fees!!!
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